aboutvivViv Woolley is a C-IAYT, certified yoga therapist, through International Association of Yoga Therapy.  She is certified at both the 200-hr and 500-hr levels through Yoga with Lillah Transformation Yoga Teacher TrainingTM (formerly, Lighten Up Yoga Teacher Trainings) in Asheville, North Carolina. She is registered with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200 and RYT500. Viv offers instruction to beginners and intermediate students but advanced students can gain much from her alignment-based Hatha Yoga instruction. With an eye toward applying the therapeutic uses of yoga including back care, heart and organ system wellness, and adaptive yoga for Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, and the Asymmetric Body, her training and instruction can assure students that they may be welcomed, comfortable and safe during her instruction.


Viv continually works to improve her knowledge base of yoga by regular attendance at workshops and by taking continuing education courses. She has studied under Roger Cole, Aadil Palkhivala, Dr. Ray Long, Gabriel Halpern, and Doug Keller, as well as participated in online courses offered by Judith Hanson Lasater, Robin Rothenberg, Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall, among others. She holds great admiration and love for her teacher, Lillah Schwartz, and looks for opportunities to continue her education under Lillah's tutelage whenever she can.  Viv is especially grateful to her students, all of whom are her greatest teachers.


Yoga became the focus of Viv's life when a fall from a horse in 2009 required several months of immobility then, ultimately, surgery to repair an A/C Separation in her shoulder. Seeing that she was motivated, the surgeon told her "go figure it out" since physical therapy was not giving her what she needed fast enough. With a promise to return for therapy should she need to, Viv set out for her local gym where she knew yoga classes were offered. During a recent interview, Viv said, "I don't know what led me to believe that yoga would help me following surgery. I had no prior experience with yoga; I had never taken a class or read anything about it but by the Grace of God, I was being led to my life's work." She now counts that horse accident as one of her greatest blessings. It is her fondest desire to help others find in themselves what she found, a system of healing and transformation that requires nothing more than dedication, persistence, and practice.


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NOTE:  The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my C-IAYT status, not derived from my status as an E-RYT200 and/or RYT500 with Yoga Alliance Registry.”

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