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Class Descriptions and Course of Study

If you are brand new to yoga, or a new student of Awake Yoga, you are strongly encouraged to pre-register for classes through the SCHEDULE tab so that you may be assured that the class of your choice will be appropriate for you.  If you prefer, you may call Viv directly at 606-344-5464 or use the ‘Learn More’ link to send an email requesting more information.

All mats, chairs, and props necessary to participate are provided, just bring yourself!

Form and Foundation is a class designed for those who are brand new or who have a very limited knowledge of yoga asana, the physical postures.  During a one hour class, students will be introduced to basic seated, standing, supine, and prone postures that will create length and space in the body, tone muscle groups, and learn beginning breathing techniques to open the chest, expand the lung capacity, and quiet the mind.  The student will be able to explore various ways to come into a posture, how to remain stable in the posture, and how to safely come out.  Beginning instruction is perfect for all degrees of fitness and postures are easily modified to make accessibility easier for all.  If you are a brand new student, you are strongly encouraged to pre-register for classes through the SCHEDULE tab so that you can be assured that the class will be appropriate for you.  If you like, you may contact Awake Yoga at 606-344-5464 for more information.

Practice Lab is a more challenging class for those who have a basic understanding of beginning and some intermediate postures but wish to explore deeper variations as well.  Classes are sequenced using yoga philosophy and practices as well as with a focus on breathing techniques and meditation practices to experience the profound effects that yoga has on the mind, breath, and body.  

Gentle Yoga doesn’t mean “not challenging” but rather a sequence of slow movements and longer holds to effectively open the body gradually and safely.  Ideally suited for any level of practitioner, Gentle Yoga harmonizes the breath and body to bring greater tone to the nervous system.  Gentle Yoga is taught by Karen Maguet, a certified yoga teacher who is registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT200).  

Yoga Chair is for any level of student, from the brand new to the very practiced, who may have difficulty getting down to the floor or who may be recovering from a recent illness or injury.  Classes begin with a focus on the breath and mindfulness practices then move into seated warm up postures.  Standing postures use the chair or a wall for stability and build strength in the body, increase bone density, and return balance and equanimity to the mind, body, and breath.  The student has the option of transitioning to a chair height mat for supine postures and Savasana, if desired.  

Yoga for Health

Utilizing all of the aspects of Yoga — such as learning to work with the breath, asana instruction (the physical postures), and meditation techniques — yoga instruction can have therapeutic benefits that help to promote wellness and boost function by reducing or coping with the symptoms of pain, learning to cope with stress and/or anxiety, and by supporting an overall sense of wellness.  While all yoga is therapeutic, not every yoga posture or technique is therapeutic in every situation or condition.  If you are uncertain about your ability to participate, please contact your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or specialist for permission to begin yoga instruction.

Private Instruction

For those who may have circumstances that make class participation impractical or difficult; or for those who have an established practice but wish to better understand the mechanics of a pose or specific poses, the one-on-one attention of a private lesson allows the student to work at his/her pace (not the pace of a general class), to ask questions “in the moment”, and to immerse themselves in the instruction to deepen their personal practice. While one’s immediate limitations are always considered, the scope of a private lesson is to help support the student in his/her practice and NOT to specifically address health issues, which is better addressed in a therapeutic yoga setting. Students interested in private instruction may send an email to

Therapeutic Yoga Instruction

What is Yoga Therapy?

Modern, scientific medicine is discovering the multitude of benefits of adding Yoga Therapy as a complementary form of achieving wellness.  Studies show that yoga positively impacts a wide range of health-related conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stress-related disorders, blood sugar levels, stress, anxiety, arthritis, and relief from chronic pain conditions

The United States Military is adding yoga and other mind/body therapies to aid veterans and current service personnel to navigate neurological disorders such as PTSD and to aid in the recovery from traumatic injury.

Yoga therapy is a highly specialized form of yoga, using traditional yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and the Pancha Maya Kosha (five bodily sheaths or layers) to effectively aid in helping the student achieve optimal health, wellness, and an overall greater perception of quality of life.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) sets the educational standards for its yoga therapy providers.  Yoga therapists are required to take a minimum of 800 hours in-person instruction through a certified course of study, including more than 200 hours in a mentored practicum.  Yoga therapists complete at least 90 hours of study in anatomy and more than 40 hours of instruction in common medical conditions they may encounter, along with medical terminology, psychology, trauma-sensitive training, and accessibility training.

How Does a Yoga Therapy Session Differ from a General Yoga Class?

Not all yoga is therapeutic in every situation and not every yoga teacher has the knowledge of which postures may be contraindicated for specific conditions.  A general yoga class typically has between 12 and 16 postures that are sequenced in an hour to an hour and a half in a group setting.  A yoga therapy session is a “one-to-one”, personal experience that is conducted only after careful intake assessment of the client and taught under the watchful eye of the therapist.  The yoga therapist may have received permission from the client to talk directly to his/her healthcare providers and researched the client’s specific condition in order to work more closely with the client’s wellness team.

What Can I Expect From a Yoga Therapy Session?

A yoga therapy session always begins with a comprehensive consultation appointment, in which the client and the yoga therapist discuss health-related goals and determine areas of strength and weaknesses for the client. The yoga therapist then works with the client at a follow up appointment to provide a brief but thorough sequence of four to seven postures.  The yoga therapist will instruct the client on the best use of props and the desired methods of coming into, being in, and coming out of postures to keep him/her safe and confident.  The client will be given homework, which helps greatly in the overall process toward improvement. With compliance and regular attendance, many clients can experience relief of symptoms in as little as six weeks to six months depending on the severity of the condition.  Breath practices, mindfulness and meditation practices, nutrition, and self-care are also addressed as needed to return the client to health using yoga philosophies.

Does Insurance Cover Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is not covered by most insurance providers, and those few that do cover it usually only do so if the therapeutic session is within a clinical practice.  Awake Yoga is not currently working within the scope of a medical facility and does not file insurance.  Some HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) will reimburse for yoga therapy with a medical referral.  Please review the options covered by your particular plan.  Therapeutic sessions are $65 per hour and payment is expected at the time of service.

What Do I Do to Schedule A Consultation for Yoga Therapy?

Please contact Viv Woolley via the contact now button or call her directly at 606-344-5464.  Yoga therapy consultations and appointments are scheduled at the convenience of the student and with the availability of the studio.

Participation in any activity is to be undertaken with caution. The student should seek the approval of his/her health care provider to participate in yoga instruction, especially if the student does not have prior experience with yoga or has had limitations placed on physical activity. The yoga therapy components of my instruction are based on certification as a C-IAYT, certified yoga theraptist, through International Association of Yoga Therapy and not from my status as an [RYT/E-RYT] with Yoga Alliance Registry.”



Still not sure if yoga is right for you? Viv will happily discuss your options with you.  Make an appointment for a general class today; schedule an appointment for private or therapeutic instruction by calling Viv at 606-344-5464; messaging Viv through Facebook; or emailing using the buttons below.