"I saw Viv at the end of the summer for a flare up of an old neck and right shoulder injury. On my first session I had very limited range of motion in my right arm and neck. (I couldn't lift my head off the floor nor turn my head to the right.) I was in constant pain which left me physically and emotionally exhausted. My first assignment was very basic-- a relaxation pose for 7 minutes every night. Viv and I met every week for a month and a few times after that. My goals were to decrease the pain and restore my strength. Prior to my flare up I had been quite active in my yoga practice as well as lifting weights. During my recovery my yoga practice changed to one of healing, both mentally and physically. I decreased my weight tremendously. After 2 months, my range of motion was almost, but not quite, normal and my pain was very much decreased. I continued with my exercises even after the therapeutic sessions ended. Now, 6 months later, I am pain free and almost back to my pre-injury strength. Physical therapy was helpful in my physical recovery but the yoga therapy was what healed my spirit as well as helping me recover my strength. Viv was able to accurately pinpoint my physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses-- which she didn't hesitate pointing out to me. She helped me work on healing where I was weak as well as taking advantage of my strengths to help me remain positive in a difficult time. I honestly don't think I would be where I am now if I had not used Viv.

Currently I am practicing a therapeutic yoga sequence for hypothyroidism designed by Viv. I hope to someday wean off my Synthroid with the help of my acupuncturist and my yoga therapist, Viv." ~ J. Ledford, Corbin, KY

"After joining yoga in early 2012, I met a dynamic group of people. I was new to yoga and I had no idea about its benefits. After attending for a year, I sustained a serious injury which lead to breathing and nerve damage. I talked to Vivian and she graciously agreed to conduct private yoga classes with me to strengthen my muscles and restore my breathing. She taught me how to be mindful of my body and how to use yoga to improve my health.

To this day, I use Vivian's teachings to control my breathing problem caused by my injury. She is very thorough and thoughtful in her approach to not only the therapeutic benefits of yoga but in all of her yoga teaching. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank Vivian for her hard work and efforts to teach me how to apply yoga in my daily life. I am very grateful to Vivian and I enjoy practicing yoga!" ~ L. McDonald, London, KY

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